A student guide to accessing Whitireia NZ systems

How to use Prezi:

  1. Make sure your sound is turned up so you can hear the instructional videos. We recommend using headphones.

  2. Click the Start Prezi button button to begin. It will take 30 - 60secs to load.

  3. We suggest viewing the Prezi in full screen. Click the Full screen icon button (bottom right) to expand to full screen view.

  4. The Prezi follows a preset pathway or you also have the option to explore the Prezi on your own.
    • To follow the preset pathway, use the right arrow button (on your keyboard) Right keyboard button

    • or the right arrow controls Right arrow control - Prezi to progress through the preset pathway.

    • You can click on text and images to zoom in. The Home icon - Prezi icon (on the right side of the page) will allow you to zoom out so you can view the entire Prezi if you would prefer to explore on your own.

Last modified: Friday, 26 July 2013, 3:40 PM