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Matariki: The Māori New Year

Matariki: The Māori New Year

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 Pleiades image from Wikipedia

  Matariki starts on 6 June this year.

  In the morning sky, just before dawn, look to the East and low on the horizon to find the constellation Māori call Matariki, the Greeks call the Pleiades (The Seven Sisters, the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione), and the Japanese call Subaru.

  Te Ara, The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, has a Beginners Guide to Finding Matariki

  Read more about Matariki at the Māori Language Commission website

What's happening for Matariki in:

Auahi Kore have free Matariki colouring-in sheets to download for the tamariki: Colouring-in sheets (scroll down on their webpage to see them)

Matariki colouring-in page from Auahi Kore